Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Seabrook's Asylum

William Seabrook has inexplicably been out of print for years. Thankfully, Dover Publications is remedying that, starting with a new edition of Asylum, Seabrook's true account of his stay in a mental hospital to cure his late-stage alcoholism.

I may have mentioned I'm working away at a graphic novel based on Seabrook's life and I'm excited that I'll be doing the cover for this new Dover edition of Asylum and will be writing an introduction in comic strip form for the book.

This is what the cover's looking like so far. And below that, are some of the roughs.

Asylum is one of the best of Seabrook's late career books. You should read this when it comes out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

M. Girard

I stayed with Pascal Girard in Montréal recently. Here's what he looks like these days.

This post it note, drawn by M. Girard, was left on the door to remind me to take the Montréal smoked meat out of the fridge for my mother-in-law.
none of which is a euphemism for anything.

sam in jasper

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

William Seabrook in Haiti

I'm back drawing the biography of Seabrook, and he's in Haiti right now.

I killed spiderman.

This super-violent comic strip I did was framed and hung in the hall of my high school for a couple of years. My sophisticated art teacher Ms. Beausejour, who introduced me to the New Yorker magazine, Opera music, Goya and William Blake, censored the forth panel, changing “suck on dis, bug” to “burn, you cretin!!!” which is slightly less disturbing. I was just beginning to realize that I would never be able to hack it as a super hero artist at this point.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seabrook chapter portraits

The first two portraits of William Seabrook that I'll be using as chapter title pages in the book I'm doing. I'm set to get back to drawing again as the Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People book design is done. The next chapter is set in Haiti. Seabrook's book Adventures in Arabia is a best-seller and he doesn't rest, but decides to write a book about voodoo and ends up living in Haiti with a voodoo priestess, Mama Celie for a couple of years. The book that comes out of Haiti, The Magic Island eventually will become the Bela Lugosi film White Zombie. As I have been telling anyone who will listen, Old Seabrook's claim to fame is that he is credited with introducing the word zombie to the English language.