Friday, July 13, 2007

I never drink… wine.

I got paid for drawing Dracula recently for Graphic Classics and while the money was long since spent, I maintained that I would buy two bottles of good red to celebrate finishing the thing. So I did. two bottles, one Spanish, one Argentinian. Both over $20. Which may not seem like much, but to someone who has become used to drinking dep wine (If you are not living in Quebec, pray that you will never know such wine) it was like the difference between drinking powdered Tang and drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice.
nice. Thanks Tom.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dave Collier in our kitchen

So, last week dave Collier and his son James showed up on our doorstep in Montréal, fresh from my old hometown of Hamilton.
They were on their way to Piedmont researching this cross country skiing guy that Dave's doing a book about. They stayed over and I got to draw with Collier for a bit. I'm completely in awe of this guy's ability to tell a story in such a unique way and with real sincerity; no extraenious flash or posturing. I always look forward to a new book from old Collier.

Anyway, he looks way less insane in real life than he does in the above digital shot and also way less evil that he does in my sketch.

Monday, June 4, 2007

monster island 3

I have a seven page story in the third issue of Monster Island, Billy Mavreas' third issue of this paean to all things monstrous is due to be published in a new, even more glorious form in a co-publishing venture with the hirsute Andy Brown of conundrum press.
My story is about the pens I use and the company that stopped manufacturing them and how I may have sold my soul for a box of felt tip markers.


So I recently drew a 47 page version of Dracula for Graphic Classics. Yeah, I know, my bug-eyed, bucktooth style doesn't lend itself at once to this big daddy of horror novels. This has been one of my favourite books since I was 12 years old so it was a lot of pressure and I thought at times it might kill me. But it's done and at the end, I think the final product is pretty somewhat okay. Yeah, pretty somewhat okay.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

oh no.

Well, I've become the thing that I loathe.
Yes, yes, stay tuned for numbered lists of my favourite movies and reviews of science fiction TV series I'm obsessed with and pictures of my cats and friends and probably sad, drunken posts late at night.
Pretty much everyone's been asking for it and I can't hold out any more.
this is the official blog of the cartoonist and gaddabout Joe Ollmann.
Stay tuned for all of the above and then some.