Friday, January 22, 2010

Sam's Computer

I came upon my kid typing furiously like some tiny office drone on this laptop that he drew in a notebook. The strange chinese marshmallow candy is the mouse.
I should make him write these “blog” entries. 

Friday, January 15, 2010


me and Billy Mavreas and Todd Stewart passed around these drawings (and passed around a crapload of stimulants). You know we used to do this every week, but I believe that our livers would have been destroyed by now had that continued.

You could see more of these collaborations here if you scroll downnnnnnnn to the entries entitled Man Drawing Salon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new book done and done.

This pile of 170 pages is my new book, Mid-Life. It's my first full-length book, until now, I've been the un-marketable entity that made short story comics when the slavering masses are drooling for “GRAPHIC NOVELS,” with this book, in which I appear in my underpants on what seems to be 90% of the pages, I am sure to be catapulted into some kind of hot-property-like-comicy-stardom. My staff of market researchers assure me that 40-something male cartoonists in their skivs are thee hot property this season. so.

chester brown christmas card

Well, not get to all name-droppy, but Chester Brown,  was kind enough to send me a Christmas “card” which is actually a beautiful, 8-page original comic book. Including a personal note in his impeccable Chester Brown lettering. Holy crap.
The Giants of Canadian comics are such consumate gentlemen that they make schmucks like myself look like ass-clowns for not even sending out cards, hand-made or other-wise.
But I have been shamed enough to be determined to send out an illustrated card next year.