Saturday, February 15, 2014

me abusing Conundrum Press authors

Andy Brown of Conundrum Press sent me these
two photos separately in the last little while.
He might have added, stop abusing my cartoonists, Ollmann.
Check it out…

Here, I'm ripping pages out Collier's sketchbook.
Draw that again, Collier! Not good enough.

Here, Chihoi awaits a roundhouse to the right cheek.
It's a greeting here in Montreal, buddy. Smacko.

what's wrong with me?

Friday, February 7, 2014

more Seabrook pages

I'm inking pages set in the middle east today. Seabrook lived with the Bedouin for several years, the source of his first book, Adventures in Arabia. Lot's of Kifeyahs and too many damn horses (not shown). Got a bit of dry brush going on there. I rarely use that, but it's a new year. Note the graphite and ink-smeared hand of a messy artist.