Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just reached the half-way point in my new book, MIDLIFE.

90 pages of 180. For better or worse. Who can say?

Monday, February 16, 2009

John Bonham, John Henry Bonham…

Good Lord! Found this in a box of comics in my parents attic. I remember being mildly famous in highschool for painting The Doors or The Who logos on peoples' jean jackets.

I sketched this touching tribute to a man who died, choked by lungfuls of his own half-digested burrito.


Will Eisner Hesitantly and Politely Defaced Canadian Money

My old friend Mark Svennsson sent me this money with the following explanation:

“I actually got this for you 6 years ago at the Silver Snail. I asked Will Eisner to do a doodle for my buddy Joe. he was concerned that it may not be legal to deface the Queen. I assured him that Canadians weren't as concerned about defacing our leaders' images as Americans. (Or just smiled stupidly and mumbled “it's okay.”

I'm just shocked that during my dark, drunken years this baby wasn't spent on a single of cheap beer at the closest Dep.

Thanks Mark!