Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NEW BOOK DONE!!!! A creepy puppet shows the pages…

Well, Here's my new assistant, Tom Talker (I know he looks haunted, but he's a hell of an inker.) showing off the stack of pages for the book we just finished drawing. It's called “Burden.” It's about belief and delusion and alien abduction. Yeah, it's a nine panel grid. Sigh.
Here, ol' TT takes a well-deserved rest among the pages. Now I can spend a day erasing pencil lines and then re-draw 48% of the pages. ha ha haaaaaaaaaa. But seriously. I will have to.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doug Wright Award Invite

LOOK at what came in the mail! A PERSONALIZED comic book Invitation to the Doug Wright Awards, drawn by the talented and jovial cartoonist Keith Jones. Holy Crap, these awards are a class act all the way. It's an honour to be nominated for an award named after my childhood hero, Doug Wright. When I realized that Doug Wright lived in my same city and wasn't American and still made published cartoons, I really think that was one of my first steps on the path to being a cartoonist. And, oi, I'm nominated in the company of giants. Well, it's nice just to be nominated… Anyway, not tooting my horn showing this, just wanted to show Keith's sweet work and how the DWA's operate. Click to see a larger version of the whole thing.