Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm number 10! I'm number 10!

So, Amazon.com announced their Best of the Year So Far 2011 and my book MID-LIFE was in the top ten for Comics/Graphic Novels.
Just when I thought my google-searching of my name would turn up nothing new…

(this drawing was done late at night in a haze of tired and whiskey. the trumpet sez: TWET!
say what?)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

old joe's working hard, folks…

…he just can't draw. But he keeps trying. Here's 4 versions of page one of the next book, tentatively titled: BURDEN.
In the version 2 photo, there are ten more pages like this which will be trashed. I will get it together, folks. I promise!

ALSO! I promise there will be photos, drawings and hilarious accounts of my Mid-Life book tour antics here on this weBLOG.
soon as hell folks.

as always,
your pal.
ol joe

In the bright light of day, a new version emerges. To be shredded another day…

Taddle Creek

I have a new comic in the new issue of the fine magazine, Taddle Creek. They publish a lot of great comics and art by Seth, Ethan Rilley, Zach Worton, Michael Cho and dear old Dave Lapp is a regular feature. Buy Taddle Creek! It's a great magazine!
Do it here:
Seriously, buy magazines people. It's a labour of love for the people involved and we can piss and moan about the death of print, or we can PREVENT IT!
love, old joe

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A hayseed amongst the literati…

So, I did some culture diaries for my new pal, Nicole Rudick over at the Paris Review. Pretty heady stuff for a guy educated in a box factory. Don't worry, in my entries I curse, am culturally-insensitive and generally make an ass of myself.
Have a look here.