Thursday, June 16, 2011

old joe's working hard, folks…

…he just can't draw. But he keeps trying. Here's 4 versions of page one of the next book, tentatively titled: BURDEN.
In the version 2 photo, there are ten more pages like this which will be trashed. I will get it together, folks. I promise!

ALSO! I promise there will be photos, drawings and hilarious accounts of my Mid-Life book tour antics here on this weBLOG.
soon as hell folks.

as always,
your pal.
ol joe

In the bright light of day, a new version emerges. To be shredded another day…


Bobby.N said...

Ah... the re-drawing. Others not in the field will wonder WHY you'd spend all that energy on a page, only to scrap it... but it's no different to a prose writer who re-writes their page... you just have it harder because you're writing with 'pictures'. Keep at it Joe. We love your stuff.


PS: You could always take a few years off and thumbnail the whole thing first like Craig Thompson :)

Jason Marcy said...

You go, Joe! LOVED Mid Life, and this looks to be just as worth waiting for, my man!