Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I went to Greece and I actually sketched two things. How every other cartoonist manages to sketch 500 old-master style renderings of their vacations is always beyond me. I'm pretty sure they do it after they get home. Probably using photoshop too. Anyway, this is a drawing I did in Meteora in Greece which is the most insanely amazing place I ever saw in my life.
I carried a 40 lb kid up mountains to four of the six monasteries there. At the top, amidst byzantine splendor and chapels painted by Theophanes, the same kid wanted a hot dog. He's a good kid though.

This is one of the monasteries.

partridge family look out…

No, I'm serious: Partidge family LOOK OUT.
Me and two of my kids rawking the unfinished basement. The band is called “Rappi” and this is just an “untitled jam” as the kidz are wont to say.