Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I went to Greece and I actually sketched two things. How every other cartoonist manages to sketch 500 old-master style renderings of their vacations is always beyond me. I'm pretty sure they do it after they get home. Probably using photoshop too. Anyway, this is a drawing I did in Meteora in Greece which is the most insanely amazing place I ever saw in my life.
I carried a 40 lb kid up mountains to four of the six monasteries there. At the top, amidst byzantine splendor and chapels painted by Theophanes, the same kid wanted a hot dog. He's a good kid though.

This is one of the monasteries.

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scott w. gray said...

There's that great Simpsons line, when Abe says: "I used to be with it, then then changed what 'it' was. Now I find whatever 'it' is scary and weird."

Welcome to the blogosphere. I am gawking you now....