Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another blog entry! Holy crap, people are sure to give a sorry shit about that…

Months ago, when the ipad was a new and exciting thing for sad people to buy, I made this doodle on the metro as I watched a dood sadly tapping the screen. He seemed to be saying, this piece of shit didn't really make me all that happy for all that long. Is that cynical? Is that the low-budget single-malt talkin?
Here's the haiku I wrote at that same time, reworking it endlessly to accommodate the syllables, in a thin, fetishy moleskin notebook, all the while feeling infinitely superior to that poor sap.

Already, i see,
The people who bought ipads
are dissapointed.

(ps. the lower case “I” denotes important, sensitive poetry.) 
Please go do something important now, like watching the Keyboard Cat video on youtube. sheesh.

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