Friday, February 4, 2011


So above is a few panels of a rough of I did for two-page strip a while back for Seth and the magazine Canadian Notes and Queries (issue # 79) which he's designing.
It's an adaptation, part of a proposed series of adaptations of famous Canadian books by Canadian cartoonists. The book I was given was Marian Engel's Bear, a book about a woman's love affair (mental AND physical) with a bear. I read that thing with a boner in the library as a kid and was giggling when I got it to adapt, dude, she totally does it with a bear! But on reading it as adult, I was amazed at how good it was and how realistically Engel handles a really implausible premise. Of course there's also a lot more going on beneath the narrative as well.
ANyway, it was a great honour, albeit a scary one, to be doing work for Seth.
This is a little part of the original roughs, if you want to see the strip, buy the magazine (issue 79, or get a subscription, Seth comics and other cartoonists in every issue!) , support the poor literary bastards here.

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