Friday, March 9, 2012


Hey, look: Midlife has been published in Spanish by the nice people at Ediciones La Cúpula
Cuarentón means 40-something, I am told, which is a nice version of the title.
You can click on the pages to read a page of Midlife in Spanish. Oh, un pequeño bebé diciendo: “puta mierda, papá.” INDEED!


Dave Lapp said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Pablo M. B. said...

¡Hola, Joe!
I've just finished reading your "Cuarentón (Mid-Life)", bought cause I liked the title as I'm one of those "cuarentones" ...
I didn't know your work yet but I like it. I want to say that "Cuarentón" is a great book, with a great story and think that your drawings are quite expressive.
I will be looking forward your new books, and will try to find others already published here in Spain.
Un saludo