Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the most belated TCAF post ever, (and it's just photos)

Breakfast before we leave Montreal. Andy Brown all smiles despite a 16 hr drive the day before.

Joe Ollmann pursed lipped dissaproval.

Andy listening to Gangsta rap and gettin' into it. Bitch this, bitch that, oi yoi yoi!

at the Los Bros Hernandez TCAF opener. 

Los Bros and the Spurge, 3 great guys, 1 terrible photo.

Michael Kupperman and Inkstud Robin McConnell.

Conundrum, “we care enough…”

Before the Doug Wright Awards, 4 handsome ladies: Julie Delporte, Robin McConnell, Caitlin McGurk (which would be a great name for a girl detective, just saying) and Uli Lust.

Whiskey party at the Conundrum Suites, Andy, Billy Mavreas, and Pat McEown.

Walking over to la Fortuna Restaurant, I feel like I'm a street photographer in 1940, or Weegie.
Look this way Mr. Heer, Tania and Seth, all lookin' good. 
My daughter, Liz, usually a flight attendant, happens to be working at La Fortuna that night, about a million super biggie cartoonists are at this place and they all are polite to Liz 'cause they know she's some minor cartoonist named Ollmann's kid and they've been warned he would probably gut them like a fish if they were rude to his dear middle child. (The tips were good, Liz reported.)

Billy Mavreas in a traditional Greek sleeping apparatus.

It takes extra large blankets as Andy covers his majestic swath of chest hair.
No joke, he's one of the most hirsute publishers of comics in the world.

A TCAF tradition, I visit my mom on the Sunday morning which is mother's day.
Also, my brother Tom, who often beat me as a boy. He's nice now.

Philippe Girard, flies in to sign the English edition of his great book Obituary Man.
Phil has the infectious energy of a Charles Dickens or something.  

We drive back to Montreal with Chihoi (author of the wonderful book The Library) and he sleeps through one of Canada's most-beloved attractions, the big apple. Chihoi, wake up! Aw, ferget it…

Back in Montreal, checking out the TCAF Loot. Chihoi and Andy.

Playing musical cameras, when the music stops, anyone without a camera has to drink a shot.

Chihoi and my kid Sam, best buds.

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