Sunday, September 1, 2013

more shite about MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Here's a bunch of new reviews of my book Science Fiction.
(click the links below to read 'em, old timer.)

Scroll down to read this one by Brian Heater (I didn't realize he was reviewing comics on BB.) in :Boing Boing.
A review in Quill and Quire always makes me feel like I'm Margaret Atwood or something. How nice. Quill and Quire.
A Nice review from John Seven, co-author of the great kid's book, Happy Punks 123. Reverse Direction.
A great, in-depth review by Rob Clough, who makes a few good critical points about my last book too. High Low Comics.
This one's from NY writer, Dominic Umile.
And this was in yesterday's Globe and Mail, by Sean Rogers. In Canada, a review in the Globe means you are special. I will sleep easy tonight.

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AKAmamma said...

I think you missed your review in the LA Times and of course the equally as prestigious, the Montreal Review of Books.